Cranberry Supplements That You Should Consider Trying

cranberry supplements

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If you are someone who suffers from frequent UTIs, bladder infections, ulcers, dental infections, or other urinary tract issues, cranberries will be your personal savior. These small, tart berries are packed full of antibacterial and antioxidant benefits that help clear infections from your body. Their anti-inflammatory properties will also soothe your system. But which cranberry supplements should you be taking? There are thousands of brands out there, each one claiming to be the best, and this can make it overwhelming to choose which one to use. 

Our team of experts have taken the guesswork out of the search for the right cranberry supplements by providing this helpful top ten list featuring only the ten best cranberry supplements out there.

Cranberry Supplements: FAQs

1. What Should I Look for in a Cranberry Supplement?

Since there are different forms of supplements, consider which you’d prefer. If you go with a powder-based supplement for mixing in with smoothies or the like, make sure you get one with a serving size so you know how much to take. Don’t be fooled by labels that claim additional ingredients besides vitamins; usually, they aren’t necessary. A good price is about 10-15 cents per pill.

2. Why Are Cranberries Important?

Cranberries are widely considered as being one of the world’s best super-foods because they have so many health benefits. They are antioxidant-rich and banish urinary tract infections (UTIs) while preventing future ones from happening. They also lead to a boosted immune system so your body can fight off infection more easily. They help decrease your blood pressure; they reduce your risk of any cancer, and they contain a lot of Vitamin C and salicylic acid.

 Cranberries are also known for their large amounts of vitamins that give us protein, carbs, and energy among other benefits. Anyone who has the concern and is careful about their well-being is likely to add cranberries to their daily diet in some form or another. Jump on the bandwagon and get yourself a cranberry supplement today! 

3. What Is the Overall Price Range?

As with most consumer products, the price range depends on the customer’s needs and budget. Fortunately, cranberry supplements are low-priced drugstore items that most can afford. Despite this, we still tried to only include supplements in our list we feel offer the most potency and therefore the best value for the money. These ten items are excellent choices for even the most budget-conscious of our readers!

How We Reviewed

Our team of experts have spent much time and effort researching and testing out different cranberry supplements to bring you this unbiased, best-of list, featuring only the ten best results we found. We reviewed these items based on the following parameters: Features, pros and cons, price, and availability.

What We Reviewed

[amazon link=”B004RR1FF6″ title=”AZO® Cranberry Urinary Tract Health Dietary Supplement” /]

[amazon box=”B004RR1FF6″]


These cranberry supplements come to us from a trusted family brand we can trust absolutely with our urinary health, thanks to the experts that manufacture their supplements. These supplements come in the form of easy-to-swallow soft gels, that have within them a concentrated whole-fruit cranberry powder. This makes them very potent as taking one serving of these tablets equals just about a whole glass of cranberry juice. 

[amazon link=”B06WWH5J57″ title=”Vitadirect Premium Cranberry Pills + Vitamin C & Vitamin E Supplement” /]

[amazon box=”B06WWH5J57″]


These cranberry supplements will help your digestive system keep itself in tip-top shape. It will also protect against urinary tract infections, and keep your kidneys as clean as can be. These supplements offer 500 mg capsules that have an equivalent of about 25,000 mg of real cranberries. As a bonus, these cranberry pills contain daily doses of vitamin C and vitamin E to strengthen your body and help it knock out infections faster, while preventing future infections.

[amazon link=”B002Y27JRE” title=”Nature’s Bounty Cranberry Pills and Vitamin C Herbal Health Supplement” /]

[amazon box=”B002Y27JRE”]


These cranberry supplements are simple but effective due to their sheer potency. They are an excellent value for the money as you get 250 soft gel tablets. These feature a rapid-release function that makes them act faster in your system, and they contain absolutely no preservatives. Since these gel tablets are soft, they are easy to swallow. In each capsule, your body will be grateful to receive the equivalent of 4,200 mg of pure cranberries and a helpful boost of vitamin C.

[amazon link=”B06XH58ZXV” title=”BRI Nutrition 3x Strength 12,600mg CranGel Power Plus” /]

[amazon box=”B06XH58ZXV”]


These cranberry supplements bring triple the strength to the table, similarly to Sports Research’s Cranberry Whole Fruit Concentrate (Triple Strength) pills. These are cheaper and promise 12,600 mg (compared to Sports Research’s 12,500 mg). Not only do they banish UTIs from the body and prevent future infections, but the polyphenols in cranberries deter the buildup of platelets and keep your heart in an optimal condition. They also fight off free radicals and other like carcinogens, and the company proudly stands behind each product they put out!

[amazon link=”B0011DTG2I” title=”Nature’s Bounty Cranberry Dietary Supplement 60 Soft Gels” /]

[amazon box=”B0011DTG2I”]


These cranberry supplements maintain a healthy urinary tract and support its health and immune health. Just one serving of these supplements contains the equivalent of 25,200 mg of pure cranberries. These soft gels are also made with Vitamin C to add to the immune support. They have the natural antioxidant support of vitamin E in their formula. The soft gels are made to be easy to swallow, and the price is the cheapest one on this list.

[amazon link=”B018WPVDIC” title=”Cranberry Whole Fruit Concentrate (Triple Strength)” /]

[amazon box=”B018WPVDIC”]


These cranberry supplements boast triple-strength potency that can’t be rivaled or beaten. Each easy-to-swallow soft gel tablet has the equivalent of 12,500 mg of pure, fresh cranberries and there is not a trace of sugar, calories, or carbohydrates to be found in this formula. The brand, Sports Research, claims their cranberry supplements are made from 100-year-old Early Black Cranberries and contain the juices, flesh, skin, and seeds for an authentic cranberry supplement. This supplement also contains Pacran, which is an ingredient that’s been proven to help with urinary tract health and prostate health.

[amazon link=”B00772BJHM” title=”NOW Cranberry Caps, 100 Capsules” /]

[amazon box=”B00772BJHM”]


These cranberry supplements are great for those who are having kidney troubles and looking for a daily solution to that painful problem. The formula of these tablets is a high-potency one that provides an equivalent of a whopping 5,600 mg of cranberries. These are also helpful to those who suffer from frequent allergies as they are free of any pesky allergens such as shellfish, yeast, wheat, egg, or soy. There is also no added sugar, milk. starch, salt, or preservatives to be found.

[amazon link=”B003UZOX96″ title=”Nature Made Super Strength Cranberry” /]

[amazon box=”B003UZOX96″]


These cranberry supplements feature 450 mg of extract along with 250 mg of Vitamin C. These ingredients make for a healthy urinary tract or prostate, a neutralization of free radicals in the body, and higher immune health to block out infections and viruses while preventing future sicknesses. Nature Made is a brand that’s been revered and trusted for years as it’s committed to standards of potency, high quality, and purity. It has absolutely no preservatives or artificial flavors, no artificial dyes, and is all-natural, so you know you’re getting what you paid for.

[amazon link=”B016YQ69B2″ title=”Cranberry Maximum Strength Urinary Tract Support” /]

[amazon box=”B016YQ69B2″]


These cranberry supplements bring you a 50:1 cranberry concentrate that contains a whopping 12,600 mg of pure, fresh cranberries. It also contains vitamin C and vitamin E for maximizing the effects of the cranberries in your system and providing stellar anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties that will help your body fight off infections faster and prevent future viruses from penetrating your system. The formula is clean as can be with absolutely no gluten; it’s also non-GMO and has no added sugar, artificial dyes, flavors, or preservatives.

[amazon box=”B004RR1FF6, B06WWH5J57, B002Y27JRE, B06XH58ZXV, B0011DTG2I,B018WPVDIC,B00772BJHM,B003UZOX96,B016YQ69B2″ template=”table”]

The Verdict

We hope our list of the top ten best cranberry supplements gives you a good idea of the many benefits that such supplements bring. We also hope we’ve given you a few good options to choose from when looking for a cranberry supplement that meets all your needs and expectations. We highly recommend the BRI Nutrition 3x Strength 12,600 mg CranGel Power Plus pills because they’re the cheapest triple-strength supplements on our list. They have excellent customer reviews, and each serving is a whopping 12,600 mg of pure cranberries. This supplement is the best value on our list.

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