Self Motivated: Tips About How to Become better Person


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What makes humans unique? Is it the fact that we can think rationally, or is it that we have thumbs? No, the answer is much more simple yet complex at the same time. In order for someone to be truly successful in their life, they would have to be self-motivated. Imagine a world where nobody would care about how you grow as a personality. But wait, this is the actual world we live in, and this is why you have to try with all your power to become better!

Why Is Motivation Important?

We won’t sugarcoat things. Motivation on its own won’t get you far unless it comes from within your own body and mind. It is the most powerful thing, the force if you prefer, that drives every single action you take. But what makes it so important? Suppose you’ve been working on the same job for ten years when suddenly you get an offering from a Fortune 500 firm. Going to work there would imply that you leave your current job and residence and travel to another city or even a whole different country. Most people would deny the opportunity without a second thought, and this is where you must make a difference.

No one woke up successful one random morning. You have to seize opportunities as soon as they appear. This, for example, is one of the basic values self-motivated people have. Put simply, they have the guts to do what needs to be done in any specific moment. We’ll delve deeper later but for now, it is vital to acknowledge what makes us lose motivation and how to stop this.

Why Do We Sometimes Lose Motivation?

Probably the biggest mistake you’re making is trapping yourself in an endless routine that only keeps repeating itself over and over again. It’s natural not to feel self-motivated. Humans aren’t designed to do the same thing all the time. If you want to wash all the negative feelings away, you have to change the way you think and live.

We know what you’re thinking. “I have tried to do something important, but I am not making any difference.” Why? What is it that isn’t changing? You should be trying to do everything for yourself and your own good, not to change the way things work. If everything you did was perfect, then you’d be bored and depressed as there would be nothing to fight for. Being a perfectionist won’t get you far. Chasing perfection will only make you miserable, whereas accepting yourself as you are and slowly improving will make you happy.

Imagine playing a game of pool and missing the winning shot, practically handing the victory to your opponent. You can either accept it and move on, or you could get angry or even sad by thinking others are better than you. Optimism plays a big role in being and feeling motivated. Don’t let other people get in your head and you’ll be all right. But because everything in life is easier said than done, we want to dedicate the next part of this article to how you can become more self-motivated.

Tips to Become More Self-Motivated

First off, before we move on, you owe it to yourself to understand what your purpose in life is. What is your ultimate goal? Got it? Let’s proceed.

1) Cultivate a Personal Drive

self motivated

You can divide this into two smaller parts. First are the things you’d want to do, and second are the things you’ll need to do. Starting with the former, this includes any kind of relationship and hobbies. Talking about relationships, we believe we don’t need to tell you that if you want to be successful and happy,  you need people that will love you unconditionally. This can be family members, a spouse, or even your closest friends.

Moving on to hobbies, this could be anything that relaxes you. Some people like participating in sports while others just read a book by the fireplace. Drawing, skating, writing, and swimming are more ideas. It can be anything you want, but try not to overdo it because this could lead to procrastination.

Next up is the mandatory work. This includes your paid job and any other obligations or commitments. But the two kinds of personal drive can coexist. Remember the example we used in the beginning about the job offer. The only thing that person would base his decision on would be the amount of money his salary would increase by. But what if he loved his current job and truly enjoyed every aspect of it? This would be an ideal scenario, and this is what you have to keep in mind. To close this part, remember this: try finding your personal drive, but ultimately choose one that provides you with both kinds of motivation.

2) Be Committed and Set Goals

Similar to the previous point, being committed to everything you do on a daily or regular basis can be vital for becoming more self-motivated. Many people fall for the trap of pessimism in everything they try in their lives. This is where setting goals comes into play. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Setting unrealistic goals that you’d like to achieve in a short timeframe would be a foolish act. Risk management is one of the most vital aspects of highly motivated people. You need to learn how to set realistic goals and when to take a risk.

3) Seek and Seize Opportunities

You have most likely heard of the Latin phrase “Carpe diem.” This roughly translates to “Seize the Day.” If you have read any self-motivation books, you may have noticed an occurring statement: successful people go to sleep early in order to wake up early in the morning. This revolves around the fact that you’re most likely to encounter an opportunity in the “light” hours than late in the night. But opportunities won’t be served to you on a silver plate. You have to seek them out actively and seize them as soon as they appear. Taking action will become a repeating motive and ultimate goal in your daily life.

4) Know Where and When To Stop

This may not sound as uprising as the previous points, but if you want to become more self-motivated, you’ll have to acquire the talent of recognizing and accepting your mistakes. If you don’t do so, not only will you constantly be furious with your own self, but you also won’t be able to move on with your life. The feeling of failure is harsh, but as soon as you start getting familiar with it, you’ll soon realize that small bumps and obstacles only make life more interesting and enjoyable.

5) Seek Feedback

When you were a small child, people used to appraise every little achievement of yours. There is a reason we cheer and take pictures of kids when they walk for the first time or participate in a school play, and it isn’t only because we feel proud. It is to make them feel better with their own selves. But as soon as you grow up, you’ll need to toughen up and start seeking feedback on everything you do. This doesn’t mean that you must feel bad for doing something incorrectly. On the contrary, the fact that you are actually trying to become better will boost your confidence, making you more self-motivated.

6) Stop Procrastinating

Nike was one of the first companies to push people into taking action rather than just appraising its own products. Instead of a clever motto, they chose to go with “Just do it” and surprisingly, soon after, people really started “doing it.” Procrastination is the alpha and the omega of failure. Countless people all around the world are thinking of doing something but keep postponing it due to other “important” things such as finishing a YouTube video or searching the web for how to become rich easily. News flash, there isn’t an easy way. Just stop procrastinating and put your life in order.

7) Help Others

Everyone has helped others on a specific assignment they had to complete. The feeling of accomplishment you get is doubled when it is acquired by helping someone other than your own self to achieve success. Just like seeking feedback, helping others on improving is vital to becoming more self-motivated and happy with your mind and body.

8) Read More

We want you to take a minute and think about how long ago it was that you set aside some time to read a book. The school doesn’t count though. The majority of people would answer vaguely, trying to avoid the question because they’d feel embarrassed… and they should. Reading more and learning more is the heart of progress.

The sea moves constantly, creating waves and staying beautiful while the swamp smells awful and has no visitors. Knowledge has the same effect on people. Lively humans love learning something new every day while apathetic humans remain the same throughout their lives, thus they are constantly being stationary without improving.


We hope you find this piece helpful and insightful. If you apply even half of the tips we provided to your daily life, you’ll soon see that your confidence and happiness will be increased. Remember, the first and most important part of becoming more self-motivated is accepting who you really are and stop trying to become someone else. You are your own self and you are beautiful. Have a great life!

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