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Thorne supplements differ vastly from any other vitamins on the market due to the company’s devotion to research and an affinity towards providing quality products. The company not only creates alternative medicine solutions, but Thorne supplements also include health diagnostics and health education materials enabling health practitioners and their patients to take charge of their wellness regimen.

What Makes Thorne Supplements Different From Other Vitamins?

In today’s world, more people are turning to alternative remedies as an adjunct to healthcare. Thorne’s supplements have become appealing due to their thorough research and knowledgeable staff. A good percentage of their products are preservative free, gluten-free and made with botanicals. They never cut on quality and are in the business to help people transform or improve their lives.

The Science behind Thorne Supplements

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The company has been around for over 30 years. Thorne Research has proven themselves to be an organization who put their customers and purveyors first. They reflect it in the way they interact with their customers and associates. Their quality control process includes testing thousands of ingredients on an annual basis to ensure they are using only the most effective, pure and potent ingredients in their products. It is their quest for providing their customers and clientele with superior products which has made them leaders in the supplement industry.

Thorne has been so successful in creating healing supplements for humans they have recently begun to manufacture vitamins specifically designed for pet health; also providing the very best ingredients for the animal kingdom.

Unlike with other vitamins and minerals, Thorne supplements are created to target specific ailments, providing instant relief synonymous with many prescription medications. Thorne’s clinical testing includes checking and rechecking their ingredients multiple times to ensure their products do not exhibit signs of instability or chemical reactions which may be detrimental to their customers’ health.

Exemplary Customer Service

Thorne Research stands by all the products they create and manufacture. Therefore if a customer or practitioner has unsatisfactory results with any of their products, they will create a solution for the customer. Either the customer or a medical practitioner may return the items for a full refund. The company has withstood changing economic times due to their core values and principles regarding customer service.

Types of Supplements Thorne Research Offers

  • Cardiovascular Support
  • Liver Detox Support
  • Gastrointestinal Support
  • Immune Support
  • Metabolic/Weight Management
  • Musculoskeletal Support
  • Neurological Support
  • Oncology Supportive Care
  • Sports Performance

Products FAQ

What Are Thorne supplements?

1. What Are Thorne supplements?

The carefully crafted products sold by Thorne are vitamins, minerals, and nutrients which allow health care practitioners to treat their patients, enabling them to achieve optimal health and wellness. They do not sell directly to consumers without approval from their healthcare providers.

2. What Do Thorne Products Do?

The many supplements created by Thorne provide healing for cardiovascular ailments, liver issues, immunity, neurological disorders, bone conditions and cancer.

3. How Do Thorne Products Work?

Thorne supplements contain plant extracts and lecithin, which allow for the absorption of vitamins in the body. Most supplements are difficult to absorb in the body when they do not contain phytosomes. Thorne supplements contain phytosomes, as is shown on every product label.

4. Where Can You Buy Them?

One may purchase Thorne supplements through a health practitioner via the Thorne Dispensary, at, and from other online stores.

5.  How Does One Decide on the Right Thorne Supplement?

Consulting with one of the many approved Thorne practitioners trained in Herbology will provide you with access or recommendations for the supplements regarding your health condition.

How We Reviewed

best magnesium supplements

We reviewed the following products based on Features, Efficacy, Pros & Cons, Price, Where to Buy, and Warranty.

Overall Price Range of Thorne Supplements

Products they gear towards basic health maintenance are lower in price as opposed to those they have planned for complex health issues.

What We Reviewed

[amazon link=”B071Z1NT16″ title=”Thorne Research – 3-K Complete Bone Support” /]

[amazon box=”B071Z1NT16″]


This Thorne supplement contains three forms of Vitamin K. It has K 1 and two forms of Vitamin K-2 (MK-4 and MK-7). Vitamin K maintains the body’s ability to clot blood. It also promotes bone mineral density and supports healthy blood vessels. Its bone strengthening properties and ability to ensure healthy arteries makes it a vital supplement for issues surrounding bone health.

[amazon link=”B00GDXHBS2″ title=”Thorne Research – 5-Hydroxytryptophan” /]

[amazon box=”B00GDXHBS2″]


5-Hydroxytryptophan increases serotonin levels thus promoting restful sleep patterns. It also decreases food cravings which may prevent weight gain. It improves the symptoms associated with stress and regulates mood swings.

[amazon link=”B001124L1U” title=”Thorne Research – AR-Encap” /]

[amazon box=”B001124L1U”]


AR-Encap provides relief from muscular aches, pains, and soreness. It offers comprehensive joint support due to the ingredients bromelain, curcumin and boswellia. It has botanical extracts which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. This Thorne supplement increases mobility.

[amazon link=”B000FGWDAY” title=”Thorne Research – Adrenal Cortex” /]

[amazon box=”B000FGWDAY”]


The adrenal cortex Thorne supplement creates an energetic feeling within the body. It improves the functions of the adrenal glands by supporting cortisol levels and regulating hormones.

[amazon link=”B000FH13AE” title=”Thorne Research – Artecin” /]

[amazon box=”B000FH13AE”]


Artecin contains Chinese Wormwood used for centuries to eradicate parasites in the gastrointestinal tract and to provide nutritional support. It helps to maintain a healthy balance of bacteria and microbes in the intestines.

[amazon link=”B0797RXHJ7″ title=”Thorne Research – B Complex #6″ /]

[amazon box=”B0797RXHJ7″]


B Complex #6, also known as the woman’s health supplement, provides PMS support and diminishes stress levels and enhances the mood.

[amazon link=”B0747YRB6D” title=”Thorne Research – Basic Bone Nutrients” /]

[amazon box=”B0747YRB6D”]


Basic Bone Nutrients is a Thorne supplement comprising four essential nutrients which enhance bone health. The nutrients are Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Vitamin K2 and Calcium. It assists the body in storing calcium in the bones as opposed to other areas of the body, such as blood vessels and soft tissue.

[amazon link=”B000VYZCTY” title=”Thorne Research – Basic Detox Nutrients” /]

[amazon box=”B000VYZCTY”]


Basic Detox Nutrients is a product used as a multivitamin, mineral supplement or for maximum liver detoxification. This Thorne supplement allows the body to deal effectively with environmental toxins and pollution. It replenishes nutrients depleted due to environmental toxicity. It also contains botanical extracts such as green tea, milk thistle and curcumin, which are antioxidants. One may use Basic Detox Nutrients as a cleansing regimen to maintain wellness.

[amazon link=”B00HST919C” title=”Thorne Research – Basic B Complex” /]

[amazon box=”B00HST919C”]


The Basic B Complex Thorne supplement contains active forms of all the B Vitamins. The supplement supports healthy neurological function and improves energy production and promotes healthy red blood cell production.

[amazon link=”B00FY8IQ7C” title=”Thorne Research – 5-MTHF 1mg” /]

[amazon box=”B00FY8IQ7C”]


The 5-MTHF Thorne supplement is designed for people who have intestinal or liver dysfunction caused by genetics. It is an active folate which enhances mood, heart health, and nerve issues. It supports methylation which changes DNA and prevents aging and diseases. This supplement prevents folic acid deficiencies which cause low birth weight in infants. It also contains mood enhancing ingredients such as serotonin, melatonin, dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine.





[amazon link=”B071Z1NT16″ title=”3-K Complete Bone Support” /]

[amazon fields=”B071Z1NT16″ value=”thumb” image_size=”small” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B071Z1NT16″ value=”button”]

[amazon link=”B00GDXHBS2″ title=”5-Hydroxytryptophan” /]

[amazon fields=”B00GDXHBS2″ value=”thumb” image_size=”small” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B00GDXHBS2″ value=”button”]

[amazon link=”B001124L1U” title=”AR-Encap” /]

[amazon fields=”B001124L1U” value=”thumb” image_size=”small” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B001124L1U” value=”button”]

[amazon link=”B000FGWDAY” title=”Adrenal Cortex” /]

[amazon fields=”B000FGWDAY” value=”thumb” image_size=”small” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B000FGWDAY” value=”button”]

[amazon link=”B000FH13AE” title=”Artecin” /]

[amazon fields=”B000FH13AE” value=”thumb” image_size=”small” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B000FH13AE” value=”button”]

[amazon link=”B0797RXHJ7″ title=”B Complex #6″ /]

[amazon fields=”B0797RXHJ7″ value=”thumb” image_size=”small” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B0797RXHJ7″ value=”button”]

[amazon link=”B0747YRB6D” title=”Basic Bone Nutrients” /]

[amazon fields=”B0747YRB6D” value=”thumb” image_size=”small” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B0747YRB6D” value=”button”]

[amazon link=”B000VYZCTY” title=”Basic Detox Nutrients” /]

[amazon fields=”B000VYZCTY” value=”thumb” image_size=”small” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B000VYZCTY” value=”button”]

[amazon link=”B00HST919C” title=”Basic B Complex” /]

[amazon fields=”B00HST919C” value=”thumb” image_size=”small” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B00HST919C” value=”button”]

[amazon link=”B00FY8IQ7C” title=”5-MTHF 1mg” /]

[amazon fields=”B00FY8IQ7C” value=”thumb” image_size=”small” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B00FY8IQ7C” value=”button”]

The Verdict

We reviewed all ten Thorne supplements based on their healing properties, efficacy, and pricing. Although most of the supplements are of good quality and researched thoroughly by Thorne scientists, products such as the AR-Encap, the Adrenal Complex, B Complex #6, Basic Bone Nutrients, Basic B Complex, and Artecin are more suitable for individuals who are novices in vitamin supplementation.

Supplements such as the 3-K Complete, 5-Hydroxytryptophan and Basic Detox Nutrients should be taken under the supervision of a qualified health practitioner. The products described in this article are the best on the market regarding maintaining bone health, cardiovascular support, insomnia, neurological conditions, and gut health.

Thorne 3-K Complete has received rave reviews from many users primarily because it is the vitamin of choice prescribed by nutritionists across the nation as one of the best supplements for bone support. It also prevents plaque from building up in the body, which makes it a formidable supplement to prevent heart disease and improve bone health.

Most of the Thorne Supplements contain raw ingredients and have passed industry standard testing for purity, quality, and efficacy. In an economy where healthcare has become costly, Thorne alternative medical solutions fill a void regarding preventative and extended care of illnesses. Often naturopaths and holistic health practitioners from around the globe recommend their supplements for disease prevention and health maintenance.

As far as pricing is concerned, compared to other retailers their prices seem to be more economical and appeal to individuals from all socio-economic backgrounds.

How Does One Find Out More Information about Thorne Supplements?

If you are interested in getting involved in Thorne’s vitamin supplementation program log on to and create a consumer account or peruse the directory listing of approved health care providers by Thorne Research. Or you may also contact their customer service line for more detailed instructions. The customer service number is (800)228-1966. Their website offers a comprehensive listing of all their products, pricing and explanations of supplements.

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